Private sittings are available with Craig, they are held at his home in Staffordshire or in the Torbay area. Each appointment is an hour and within that time Craig will work psychically and mediumistically.

The reading itself will last around 30-40 minutes.  For those of you that don’t already know or are unsure, for the psychic part of the reading Craig connects to you and your energy to see your past and your present. Craig will not give future readings and cannot and will not attempt to predict the future. When Craig works mediumistically, this is the point where he will connect to your loved ones who step forward from the world of spirit.

It’s important that you understand when you do come and see Craig for a one to one sitting that there are no guarantees as to who will come through and connect. As always Craig asks that you come along open minded and be willing to be a part of the message. You will get as much out of your sitting as you put in.

You can book your sittings through the contact form, or contact the office number on 07778856595.