Moving onwards & upwards

Good evening folks, well it’s been a little while since I wrote on here but it has been a mad crazy month so I am now back at it

As some of you will already know, I am relocating to Torquay and setting up there. I will still be doing my mediumship & touring the UK with my Dems and workshops. It’s been quite a mad decision as I love living where I am being so close to my family and friends. I am a great believer that ‘Life if for Living’ we have one shot at it so make it count and that’s what I certainly intend to do

I will still be offering private readings, most of these can now be held over Skype as an option unless I am in your area for a demonstration I can offer them then if time will allow

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has messaged with well wishes on my new journey. Don’t forget if you are visiting in The Devonshire area stop by for a coffee

Take care folks, have a great week and remember to keep smiling

#embrace #trust #spirit

Love to you all

Craig xcx